Your email strategy, what’s missing?

1. Carve the right subject line -

This is very important, especially as it is the first introduction readers get to your mail. Ideally 60 characters. However, our experience told us short is key. More and more consumers check their inbox while commuting to work. They carry large devices with them and bare in mind smartphones squeeze only up to six words on the subject line. So this is all the space you have to win mobile users over with your campaign. Use numbers to catch their attention. Most importantly make sure they understand what your newsletter is about after just one glimpse.

2. Auto responders/Scheduling –

With a never ending list of tasks to take care of and trying to find time to keep your clients informed of your product and latest industry news, create engagement with contests, giveaways, freebies, answer requests, and many other strategies. And there are also anniversary emails birthdays that celebrate the most special day a person has and your loyal subscribers. Luckily, the number of e-mails you send might be infinite, but they can be categorised by their purpose. And you know what this segmentation means: automation. Create your emails in advance and schedule them to send exactly the time and date you wish. Leaving you more time to focus on creative tasks and less on administration.

3. Offer Incentives –

People love something in return, if someone has purchased something from you and willing to leave their details they expect to receive a quality and useful article or service in return. This is even more relevant when it comes to sign-up requests or surveys, these beg for an incentive to achieve a higher level of interaction and commitment. Consumers have become picky so ensure your incentive is useful and original such as an article, video or a personalised gift.

4. Follow Ups –

The open rate on your email will never be 100%, there are many reasons for this - the content doesn’t cover every one’s interest, or some did not even see it. Some might have liked it, postponed reading it until they had free time and forgot to go back to it. Some may not have opened their inbox for that day and now it is lost. Whatever the reason, you need to try and ensure that as many leads as possible see your content. So, a follow to your newsletter is always a good idea!

5. 24h Follow Ups –

Hurry, act now, buy now creates a sense of urgency, your email conversion will increase…no-one wants to miss out on a chance to buy or win a fabulous prize. This kind of urgency will ensure readers will not postpone their reaction and produce better click through rates

6. Find your lucky number –

Every business has a different volume of activities. You will hear different reports as to how many newsletters you should send. Is one a day too much? Probably yes, unless your brand deals with a large volume of fresh content like a news magazine, travel reviews, cooking recipe then by all means your subscribers will want to hear from you. If your company focuses on a limited number of products or services, the common sense dictates a thinner yet more concentrated number of emails.

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