Grow your Business

CreateSend gives you everything you need to run beautifully designed, professional email marketing campaigns to grow your business.


Create Stunning Email Marketing Campaigns with Ease.

Using our drag and drop editor select a template and add your own content. Style them to match your brand for an email that will look great on every device.


Send Personalised Emails

Send personalised emails to all your subscribers immediately or schedule for later delivery. Campaigns are delivered by Industry leading mail servers with full support for email domain authentication ensuring higher open rates for your campaign. 


Create Customer Journeys

Keep people coming back at key moments. Using our visual journey designer, keep your audience engaged and build strong customer relationships.


Smarter Transactional Email

Transactional emails are triggered by your own site or app, typically in response to a user's action, such as an order confirmation or a plan renewal. They are some of the most valuable emails a company sends, but usually aren't measured or optimised. We can help you do both.


Powerful Reporting

View real time reports of opens, clicks, bounces and much more. Easily analyse and compare multiple campaigns. Full integration with Google Analytics can also be provided.


Contact Management

Import your email lists and segment your subscribers to target specific groups allowing you to send relevant emails. Our automated list management removes duplication and updates unsubscribers automatically without you having to worry.


Grow your Email List

Our sign up forms allow you grow your email marketing lists with ease. Our tools can be used on your website, Facebook, in your store or wherever you are offering everything you need to turn leads into contacts.


Delivery & Testing

Single-click design and delivery testing gets your email tested against popular spam filters, firewalls & email programs. This will help you achieve the best possible delivery rates.


SPF/DKIM - Domain Authentication

Security protocols verify that email is sent from an authorised sender and signed by the same domain it was sent from. Helps prevent email from appearing in the recipient's Spam or 'Unwanted' folder.

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